Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

Many people have sensitive teeth that might hurt when they eat or drink something cold. This is not always due to gum disease or a toothache; it may be the result of exposed tooth roots containing highly sensitive nerves. If you feel that you have sensitive teeth, speak with your periodontist about the best ways to counteract this sensitivity.

As you can see in the short “Dental Minute” video, teeth sensitivity can sometimes be caused by receding gums or worn tooth enamel. If the sensitivity becomes worse, or the gums recede further, you may be at risk for developing gum disease. Your periodontist can recommend a suitable toothpaste meant to reduce teeth sensitivity. Often, the toothpaste will have added potassium in it, which is believed to calm overactive teeth nerves. There are many treatments your periodontist can perform to eliminate tooth sensitivity as well.