Dental Implant Problems

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While implants are designed to offer long-lasting results, sometimes complications arise that cause them to no longer serve the purpose they once did. Depending on the severity of the implant problem, our team at the office of Scott Froum, DDS will determine whether or not your treatment option includes surgery. Implant complications tend to escalate quickly so a prompt visit to our New York City periodontist is recommended.

The following represent some reasons you may choose to have implant alterations:

  • Loose or broken crowns and / or screws
  • Inflamed tissue around implants
  • Implants that cause bleeding when brushing
  • Exposed and infected implants
  • Unsightly implants

As an associate professor for New York University’s Department of Periodontology and Implantology, our leading dentist has written numerous articles and textbooks on failed implants. With our experienced staff, we can provide you with a variety of treatment options to address any issues you may be experiencing. To have your dental implant examined, give us a call at (212) 751-8530.


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