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Dental Economics Editor Chris Salierno, DDS, and Scott Froum, DDS, discuss “Saving teeth versus placing implants”

February 24, 2015

Imagine that you have a patient who has a tooth with moderate to severe bone loss. Are perio procedures over time more appropriate, or should the patient have the tooth replaced with an implant? What’s more economical—for you and for the patient?

“Dollars and sense: Saving teeth versus placing implants,” an article by Scott Froum, DDS, and Kyle L. Summerford in the February 2015 issue of Dental Economics, addresses this very question. In this video, Dental Economics Chief Editor Chris Salierno, DDS, talks with Dr. Froum about the article.

Courtesy of Dentistry IQ

Froum revised from Tom Parkin on Vimeo.


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