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Welcome to the private practice of Dr. Scott Froum, periodontist in NYC, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Providing exceptional quality healthcare to patients in the New York City area in a safe, infection free environment is our highest priority. We look forward to having you as a patient and thank you for selecting us for your dental care needs. We anticipate that you will come in as a patient, and leave as a friend. If you haven’t already scheduled your appointment with our NYC Periodontist, please contact us today.

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Meet Our NYC Periodontist

Dr. Scott H. Froum is a NYC-based board certified periodontist. He has lectured on the national and international level on implant therapy, bone and gum regeneration, and complications.
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Scott H. Froum DDS, PC was selected for the Best Periodontist Manhattan Award. This award was based on selection criteria and signifies that this office has been chosen as one of the best periodontist offices in Manhattan for 2024.
Read Dr. Froum's latest article in Dental Economics: Reducing the need for adjunctive antibiotics during scaling and root planing
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Periodontal Services in NYC

Specializing in saving teeth, implants, and implant problem corrections, Dr. Froum also performs a wide variety of periodontal cosmetic procedures in NYC to correct gummy smiles and reverse periodontitis, also known as gum disease.

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Board Certified Periodontist in Manhattan Serving New York City

Dr. Scott H. Froum’s private practice is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and the NYC area. Dr. Scott H. Froum specializes in saving teeth, implants, and implant problem corrections. He also performs a wide variety of periodontal cosmetic procedures to correct gummy smiles and reverse periodontitis also known as gum disease. Dr. Scott H. Froum is a clinical professor in both SUNY Stony Brook and NYU Dental School in the postgraduate department of periodontics and implant dentistry. He incorporates the latest technology and research into his private practice in order to give his patients the most current methods of dental treatment.

Providing Exceptional & Safe Periodontal Care

First and foremost, our daily goal is to provide exceptional infection free quality dental care; we focus our attention on providing you with the latest infection control standards and technology to offer you dental care in a safe environment. We strive to deliver white glove service to our patients by catering to their every need and desire from the second they step into our office. Our office is evidence based and guided by science to offer you the latest advances in our field to ensure your health and safety.

We listen to our patients and provide them as much time as they need with Dr. Scott H. Froum to thoroughly understand the recommended treatment. Dr. Scott H. Froum will carefully explain and answer all questions you may have related to periodontal care. We will work together with you to design a dental treatment plan that Is specific to your needs and focuses on your entire health and well-being.

We provide a way for each patient to afford our quality and safe dental care by giving the patient an option to choose a payment plan that is tailored and fits into their monthly budget of expenses.

Our Manhattan Office is equipped with a ramp and elevators which make it conveniently accessible for all medically compromised patients. If a patient’s medical condition limits their ability to come to our office, we offer teledental conferences to suggest future treatment. Contact us to request an appointment.

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