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The Importance of ‘Near Me’ Mobile Searches for Periodontists

Team SEO

When you are marketing as a periodontist, it is vital to have your site optimized for mobile – especially since it is more common for your future patients to be searching for dental specialties using …

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Excess Sugar Consumption: Effect on the Body

Team Oral Health

While sugar may seem like a substance that is harmful only to your teeth, causing cavities and gum disease, excessive consumption can cause severe damage to both physical and mental health. What is less well …

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How a Periodontist Can Help Treat Halitosis

Team Bad Breath, Oral Health

Bad breath, also commonly known as “halitosis” is an odor that is associated with the mouth that 50% of Americans suffer from and increase in intensity as a person gets older. There are many causes …

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What Causes Gum Recession?

Team Gum Disease

Gum recession, loss of gum tissue around the root surface, is a disease that can be caused by many different factors. 84% of teenagers & adults suffer from gum recession which can result in long …

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How to Choose the Best Periodontist in NYC

Team Periodontics

Are you searching for a periodontist in New York, NY?  While dentists provide general care for the whole mouth, a periodontist focuses specifically on gum and bone health, the tissues that hold the teeth in …

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What Causes a Gummy Smile

Team Crown Lengthening, Gum Disease

The gummy smile is when the gums enlarge and can be caused by three main reasons (1) bacteria causing inflammation, (2) medication, and (3) systemic disease. Most of the treatment involves either gum cleanings or surgical …

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Diseases That Affect the Tongue

Team Tongue Disease

How does the healthy tongue look?The tongue should be a pinkish to reddish in color on the top of the tongue and should be pink with blueish hue on the underside as some veins may …

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Saving a Tooth with a Maxillary Root Amputation

Team Root Amputation, Saving Teeth

What is maxillary molar root amputation?Maxillary root amputation is a surgical treatment that removes one of the roots of a maxillary tooth while leaving the crown and remaining roots intact.  Root amputation treatment is used …

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What is Crown Lengthening and When Do I Need It?

Team Crown Lengthening

 If you have been told by your dentist that in order to complete your crown or filling you need crown lengthening, you may have questions as to what it is and why you need it. …

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Why Am I Bleeding After My Tooth Was Removed?

Team Extraction

How much bleeding is normal after tooth extraction?A little oozing is normal after a tooth is removed and this can happen for 24-48 hours, especially if the tooth was difficult to remove and the tooth …