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Saving Teeth Treatment

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Why Save Your Own Teeth?

Investing in your own teeth is an investment in both the function of your bite, giving you the ability to chew, and an investment in your smile. Saving your natural teeth with periodontal treatment has been shown to have the highest long term success rates when compared to taking them out and replacing them with either dental implants or bridges.

How Do We Save Teeth with Bone and Gum Loss?

Teeth that have lost bone and gum tissue can be regenerated with the addition of bone, gum tissue, and growth factors. In our office we use the highest quality of bone (most often cow bone) that acts as a scaffold that helps your own body grow bone back. We also use growth factors and soft tissue grafts that we take from your own blood. We draw your blood and spin it in a centrifuge to harvest your own growth factors from the body. Platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) is released by the platelets in your blood and is called nature’s wound healer. We take this growth factor and combined it with the bone and gum tissue. This will stimulate your own stem cells to turn on and regrow lost bone and gum tissue. In addition, we use lasers that both stimulate your own stem cells to turn on. Lasers also efficiently remove bacteria around the teeth and gums. The combination of lasers, advanced bone graft materials, and specialized surgical techniques can rebuild lost bone and gums that were not possible to do in the past.

I was Already Told My Teeth Have to Come Out

Unfortunately, many offices base their decision to remove teeth on prognosis classification that are over 20 years old. Because of the newer technology and advanced regenerative materials that have been developed over the last decade, teeth can now be saved that would have had to come out in the past. In our office we have been saving teeth for over a decade that other offices have said need to come out so we have learned what works and what doesn’t. Experience combined with surgical technique is the key to success.

What Do I have to Do to Keep the Rebuilt Bone and Gums?

After your bone and gum tissue rebuilding is complete, it is essential to follow post-operative instructions as well as perform diligent home hygiene care. In addition, your visits for professional cleanings will have to be increased as the same bacteria that caused your bone and gums to be lost can repopulate. Specific instructions and home hygiene products will be given to you to use. We will also customize a professional tooth cleaning schedule that best fits your treatment and case type. You are an integral part to a successful treatment outcome.
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Are Dental Implants Better Than Teeth?

Your natural teeth have stronger attachments to the bone and gum tissues compared to dental implants and they can withstand bacterially induced diseases to a higher degree. Dental implants, when challenged with the same oral infections, will lose gum and bone tissue faster than your own teeth. Additionally, your teeth have ligaments around them which increase their ability to withstand chewing forces that may cause implant parts to break. Finally, your teeth move as your jawbone grows so their position in relation to your gums and bone stays the same. Because implants are fixed in your bone, the position of the gums and bone change around them so the implants can start to show through the bone and gum tissue leading to metal exposure, long looking teeth, grey shadowing in the implant area, and dental implant complications.

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