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Dr. Scott Froum provides exceptional periodontal care to patients in Sutton Place NYC. Our services include dental implants, gum grafting, bone grafting, and crown lengthening. Contact our Midtown office to schedule an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Periodontics in Sutton Place

What exactly does a periodontist do?

A periodontist is a dental specialist who focuses on the health of the supporting structures of the teeth, including treating gum disease and providing dental implant services.

What are examples of periodontics?

Periodontics includes gum disease treatment, implant dentistry, bone grafting, gum grafting, crown lengthening, and more. 

Can gum disease be fixed?

Gum disease can be treated, and in many cases, the damage it causes can be fixed through procedures like gum and bone grafting. When addressed early, treatment may be able to reverse gum disease before it causes permanent damage.

Is it better to get a bridge or implant?

Every patient is unique, but generally speaking, dental implants are preferable to traditional bridges, as bridges only replace the visible portion of a missing tooth. Dental implants replace the root and the crown.

Is dental bone grafting painful?

No, dental bone grafting is not painful. We use local anesthesia to ensure your comfort, and sedation is available if needed. After your procedure, you may have some tenderness at the site.

What Patients Are Saying About Our Sutton Place Periodontist

“I can’t say enough good things about Scott Froum. He is the most competent dentist I have ever experienced. He did several complicated procedures on me that seemed easy for him and it was painless for me. I totally trust him to do the right thing, do it well and be compassionate about it. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His support staff is great too. He is at the helm of a great team.” - S.K.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Froum for the last 10 years. He is one of the most incredible professionals with outstanding skills and amazing personality. He has one of the most unique abilities to make his patient comfortable and confident in obtaining a positive result, even when it is the most difficult and dangerous case. His office staff is very pleasant, supportive and friendly. When you come to the office you will feel like you are surrounded by the most caring people. I am overwhelmingly happy with the care Dr. Froum has provided to me.” - M.K.

“Dr. Froum's office is quick to respond when I have a question and is quick to call back if they miss a call. They are very helpful when it comes to working with you and making sure you are knowledgeable and comfortable with the medical process at hand. I was very happy to have the doctor call me after my procedure and answer any questions I had to ensure that I had peace of mind when recovering from my visit. They use the newest practices and have a very friendly staff that is comforting if you are nervous or uneasy about your visit.” - H.A.

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Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!

1110 2nd Ave Ste 305 New York, NY 10022
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